Workshop with recognition of training credits.
Throughout 2017, FAVARO1 will organise several workshops across Italy to meet the needs of many designers to get to know the company FAVARO1 well.


PARMA 21.02.2017

PADOVA 23.02.2017

CATANIA 14.03.2017

BARI 04.04.2017

CAGLIARI 13.04.2017

REGGIO EMILIA 27.04.2017

NAPOLI 11.05.2017

LIVORNO 16.05.2017

MODENA 23.05.2017

L’AQUILA 06.06.2017

BOLOGNA 20.06.2017

VERONA 29.06.2017

PORDENONE 04.07.2017

FERRARA 11.07.2017

TREVISO 19.09.2017

ROMA 27.09.2017

MILANO 10.10.2017

VENEZIA 17.10.2017

PESCARA 19.10.2017

VICENZA 23.10.2017

During the workshops FAVARO1 will present the versatility of its products and the dynamism of the FAVARO1 world: details, furnishings and modern technologies with an innovative and contemporary look, combining the modernity of the various spaces and the history of the places as best as possible.

The company provides professionals with their own know-how and technology to create new products to improve the environment, depending on their use: water filtration, drainage, photocatalysis, non-slip, low heat insulation, noninvasive refurbishment. The modern market approach allows industry-wide solutions to be produced, which would require craftsmanship and thus, personalisation.
Natural light, rain, heat and rainwater recovery are elements that enable
designers to achieve the goal of creating a living environment for the future by educating the user to respect it.

FAVARO1 has been specialising in indoor and outdoor flooring for more than fifty years, and actively collaborates with design studios with whom innovative materials and projects are created of high designer levels.