While continuing to pay particular attention to the care and aesthetics, Favaro1 offers Emotion, an exclusive product, dedicated to lovers of great modularity, which allows one to enjoy outdoor areas that are subjected to heavy overloads, which may be light vehicles and pedestrian. Emotion has the advantage of being particularly versatile because it is suitable for large areas, pathways, pavements and small areas. Available in the warm colours of Zen and Royal yellow, in the timeless Grigio Carnico and in the exclusive “terra d’Umbria” colour, elegant and appropriate in all environmental contexts.

The quartz color system is a system that consists of the introduction of Quartz into the mixture that makes the product more resistant to wear and the inclusion of a process called “coating”, which is inserted into the production series. Specifically, it is a water-repellent treatment that creates certain impermeability between the treated element and the exterior, thereby facilitating the cleaning process of the product, which stains much less than an untreated product and the colours resist more tenaciously over time.


Zen yellow
Grigio Carnico
Terra d'Umbria